Archives: November 2019

Captain's Blog: Angel OnePosted 2019-11-23 14:58:51
Simon's journey continues with a visit to a new civilization...
Captain's Blog: DatalorePosted 2019-11-17 09:50:41
Simon's journey is interrupted as the crew encounters new foes...
'Cardfight!!! Vanguard' Discovers 'Team Dragon's Vanity'Posted 2019-11-14 08:59:06
The new expansion set will release in March of next year.
'The Wrecking Crew' Crashes into 'Marvel Champions: The Card Game'Posted 2019-11-13 18:56:16
The new scenario pack will be unleashed in Q1 of next year.
'Force of Will: Alice Origin II' Booster and Starters DetailedPosted 2019-11-12 18:44:04
New boosters and starters to be released in late February.
Wizards of the Coast Unveils 'Magic: the Gathering Mystery Booster'Posted 2019-11-11 18:32:11
The Chaos Draft and Cube-inspired set releases in March of next year.
Konami Launches Third 'Yu-Gi-Oh!' 'Lost Art Promotion'Posted 2019-11-09 18:27:29
A new promotional card will be available with purchase of sealed product next year.
Captain's Blog: The Big GoodbyePosted 2019-11-09 18:19:37
Simon's continuing mission takes a brief bit of shore leave in the holodeck...
'Revelations' Coming to 'Argent Saga'Posted 2019-11-09 17:55:20
The new expansion is set to release on November 11.
Wizards of the Coast Unveils 'Transformers TCG: Wave One Energon Edition'Posted 2019-11-07 20:36:03
The limited direct-to-sale set will be release in early December.
Captain's Blog: HavenPosted 2019-11-02 15:09:27
Simon's adventures take a temporary visit back to the homeworld...