Kneel Before the Throne: Announcing Before The Black Throne
Posted March 25th 2019 by Rahvin

The Sixth Mythos Pack of the Circle Undone Cycle

The latest cycle for Fantasy Flight Games' Arkham Horror: The Card Game is coming to end. Announced today, the cycle will see its conclusion in "Before the Black Throne", scheduled to be released in the third quarter of 2019.

In the conclusion to the story started in The Circle Undone, investigators find themselves drawn into the dark, endless void of space where they must push forward against overwhelming odds to arrive before the throne of Azathoth. Players will interact with the new Cosmos deck to bring into play impossible locations to build their path to the cosmic throne where they'll bring this story to an end - one way or the other.

Like all Mythos Packs, "Before the Black Throne" will bring new cards for the investigators to bring to bear against the challenges they'll find on the way. Some of these cards will feature the new bonded keyword introduced in this pack; these new cards are not added directly to your investigator deck but instead form a pool that can be added to your deck during an investigation by playing the cards they're bonded to.

More information and the full announcement article can be found at Fantasy Flight's official announcement.