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In the late 1990s, Wizards of the Coast set out to create a new ruleset for card games that was intended to be a more simplified and quicker to play version of Magic: The Gathering. Known as the ARC System, the ruleset had three games released which used it. The second - and most popular - of those was the Xena: Warrior Princess CCG.

Released in May of 1998 and sold in both Starter Decks of fourty randomized cards and Booster Packs containing twelve cards, the game played out using a resource similar to Magic's. Unlike it's big brother games, the ARC System games focused on forcing your opponent to discard all cards from their deck.

Unlike the other two ARC System games, Xena had enough popularity to warrant an expansion release in fall of 1998. Battle Cry added 75 new cards to the set and added new mechanics to vary the game.

Unfortunately, like many card games of the 1990s, the game soon fell into decline and Wizards ended support after the first expansion.

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Currently, we know of no platforms which support the Xena: Warrior Princess CCG as is. If you're aware of a platform which has a way to play the game online, please contact us and let us know.

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