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Wyvern (wi-vern), which appeared on the CCG scene a little moe than a year after Magic, gave players of that game something they couldn't get enough of: dragons, dragons, and more dragons. Inspired by western European, Middle Eastern, and Chinese mythology, Wyvern makes each player the ruler of an empire - rulers who use dragons to fight wars. Some army!

There are five types of cards used in two decks: Dragons, Terrain (Dragon Lair), Actions, Dragon Slayers, and Treasures (Treasure Horde). Each player deals out six face-down Dragon and/or Terrain cards and seven cards which may be Actions, Treasures, or Dragon Slayer cards. To win a round, a player must destroy his opponent's six Dragon/Terrain cards, which are worth points. A new round is then started and rounds continue until a player reaches a predetermined point total.

The game is straight-forward, with Treasure cards affecting one row of up to three Dragon/Terrain cards on a permanent basis, while the Action cards can modify the battle immediately upon play. The Dragon Slayer cards can destroy dragons in a separate phase, but these dragons do not count towards victory. A typical game consists of two or three rounds.

Wyvern flew for two years before being grounded. U.S. Games Systems' next CCG couldn't be further apart in topic: Pez.

Expansion: Limited

The Wyvern Limited set reprints all of the cards in the Premiere Limited set and adds 104 new cards, which greatly expanded the options in the game.

Given the limited strategy involved, the initial card set of 136 cards had been considered too small by many players.

Expansion: Phoenix

The first expansion set released for Wyvern, Phoenix introduces two new Action card types, the Hidden Action and Intercept Action. The Hidden Action card is placed on an unrevealed Dragon/Terrain card and does not come into effect until the Dragon/Terrain card is revealed. If the Hidden action card applies to the situation it remains in play, making it a soft of mini-Treasure card.

The Intercept Action card allows a player to defend a Dragon being attacked with another friendly Dragon in play. This greatly increased the defensive possibilities of a deck, since one big Dragon could now protect a host of smaller, weaker Dragons.

Expansion: Chameleon

The Chameleon expansion introduces two new concepts, Native Terrain and Chameleon Reaction. A Dragon with the Native Terrain attribute for a specific Terrain can instantly destroy the Terrain card without being affected by the Terrain and gets stronger as more of that specific Terrain is in your discard pile or attached to enemy Dragon.

A Terrain with Chameleon Reaction turns into a Dragon when first attacked and remains a Dragon for as long as it remains in the game, amking it a kind of booby trap. Terrain with Chameleon Reaction are immune to many Dragon Slayer Action cards, making it proof against easy kills.

Expansion: Kingdom

This set reprinted the Wyvern Limited series as an unlimited set, with the addition of a number of cards from the Phoenix expansion.

— Michael Greenholdt (Scrye Checklist and Price Guide 2nd Edition)


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