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Based on the Robert Jordan fantasy book series of the same name, the Wheel of Time CCG presents a two-player battle between the Light and the Shadow which culminates in the "Last Battle" to decide the fate of the world.

The most distinctive features of Wheel of Time are the special dice, with unique symbols, which are used to resolve everything from bringing cards into play to determining who wins challenges. There are four types of dice representing the four different abilities in the game: politics, intrigue, one power, and combat. There are only seven different symbols on the dicee, however, as three of the symbols can be found on multiple dice.

The Last Battle begins when the total of the Pattern reaches 20. Each side begins with two Pattern tokens on its side. Every turn, a Pattern challenge will cause either the Light, Shadow, or neutral Pattern to rise by one depending upon whether it is won by the Light or the Shadow, or whether neither wins it. Effectively, there is a sixteen-turn cap on the game because of the automatic Pattern challenge. While there are very few ways to remove Pattern tokens from the game, there are planty of ways to add tokens, resulting in many games lasting fewer than sixteen turns. However, few games end in less than an hour. This surprising length for a two-player game comes largely from rolling numerous dice and having to track all the various results from the dice. Rolling 100+ dice towards the end of the game has been known to happen.

Up until the Last Battle, the player has several standard goals. First,


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