[b]Vampire: The Eternal Struggle[/b] (published as Jyhad in the first or “Limited” edition and often abbreviated as V:tES) is a multiplayer collectible card game set in the World of Darkness. It was published by White Wolf Publishing.

The game was designed in 1994 by Richard Garfield and initially published by Wizards of the Coast and was the third CCG ever created. As Garfield’s first follow-up to his popular Magic: The Gathering collectible card game, he was eager to prove that the genre was “a form of game as potentially diverse as board games”. In 1995 the game was renamed from Jyhad to Vampire: The Eternal Struggle to increase its appeal and distance itself from the Islamic term jihad. After the 1996 Sabbat expansion, Wizards of the Coast abandoned the game, and in 2000 White Wolf took over development.

White Wolf announced that Vampire: The Eternal Struggle would cease production on September 10, 2010. Beginning April 24, 2018, production of the game was taken over by Black Chantry Productions under license from White Wolf.

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In this modern day and age, you can actually play instantly (and completely free) online against other opponents without ever having to purchase any cards. There are several programs available for this, the most popular of which is Lackey CCG.

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