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An early entry in the post-Pokémon anime CCG boom, Sailor Moon is based in the popular Japanese animated series about five girls who transform into the Sailor Scouts to battle evil. The game owes many of its mechanics to the Sailor Moon role-playing game published by Guardians of Order, which consulted on the projecvt. The Sailor Moon anime series contains five blocks of episodes, of which the CCG covers the first two.

Some of the basics of Sailor Moon resemble Pokémon. Each player starts with one Sailor Scout/Knight and one monster card in play. The player can add energy cards to a Sailor Scout or monster to enable more potent attacks. To win, a player must destroy enough victory points' worth of an opponent's monsters to meet the agreed-upon Level (4, 5, or 6, depending on game length). The Scouts/Knights start at Level 1 but can be replaced by higher-level versions of the same character, with an increase in power and health.

There are some major differences, though. The biggest is that a player cannot attack another player's Scout/Knight. A player can choose to attack monsters, who attack back, but the monsters never initiate combat. Also, the game uses Jan-Ken-Pon, essentially rock-paper-scissors, as a randomizer. Several powers and abilities call for the player to win one or more contests to activate the effect.

- Michael Greenholdt
(Scrye Checklist and Price Guide 2nd Edition)

Expansion: Past and Future

Past & Future continues the five-part story arc of the cartoon and expands the mechanics base. The biggest change in the mechanics is the introduction of multiple-power cards. Mind/Body can be used to fuel powers that key off either of these energies. The cards are are rare, but with such a small set, it's easy to make an extremely broken deck using nothing but these cards for your resource portion.

Past & Future also includes three of the sillier cards in any game ever: Jan, Ken, and Pon. Yes, they actually made little token cards so you could play Jan-Ken-Pon!

- Richard Weld
(Scrye Checklist and Price Guide 2nd Edition)


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