Online Play

In this modern day and age, you can actually play instantly (and completely free) online against other opponents without ever having to purchase any cards.  There are several programs available for this, the most popular of which is Lackey CCG. LackeyCCG is a program that you need to download and patch for Rage.  It more closely mimics a normal game where all players are online and play simultaneously.  There is an active community on facebook that organizes games. Below you can find the Tutorial.


How to install Lackey CCG: 1 - Download Lackey CCG program from one of those URLs: Windows Version Mac/OSX Version Linux Version Ipad Version Available on Apple Store 2 - Unzip it to a folder easy to remember. 3 - Open LackeyCCG.exe 4 - Go to "Plugin:war3000" tab and paste one of this two URLs: for fast pc / high resolution screens OR for slow pc / low resolution screens * It is recommended check the option "Automatically check for plugin updates?" with that program always will update when new plugin version is available. 5 - Click on "Install or Update from URL!" and wait until download of all files finish. 6 - After download finish, restart Lackey CCG, click on "browse installed plugns to load one…" and choose vtes game on list. Have a fun!   How to connect to official server and find more players: 1 - To build a deck click on “Deck Editor” tab and after finish don’t forget to save it OR you can use a Precon Deck clicking in "Browse" button.  2 - After setup your nick name and personal info, go to “Server” tab, click on "Refresh Server list from the tracker" button and then connect to the official Lackey CCG server OR you can connect to a alternate server using "Connect to a Server from IP" 3 - After connection to the official Lackey CCG server you will see a main server window where you can see another players and another’s games (magic, wow, 5rings, etc.), you can talk to another players in below Chat, join a game available in the right "Description" field or host your own game clicking in "Host a game..." NOTE: If you have problems to enter in Lackey CCG official server or to connect to a IP game please read this following page:   How to play: 1 - Connect to a Official Server, to a alternate IP Server or create a game without a server by clicking in "Host a IP Game" under "Main Menu". 2 - Join or host (create) a game. 3 - Wait for all other players enter in Main Game Window.   4 - Load your deck by right clicking in your avatar's button and then "Load Your Recent Deck" OR you can go to the "Deck Editor" tab, click on "Browse" button, choose a deck on that menu and then "Load Deck to You". 5 - To play cards from hand to table just drag and drop the card to the game table or right click on it and click "Play". 6 - To shift turn phases or shift from one player to another, just click in the arrow controls bellow your avatar colored bar. 7 - To customize lackeyccg interface (table and program background, images, avatar, windows colors, keyboard shortcuts, sounds, fonts and more). Go to "Preferences" tab and make Lackey CCG the way you want. 8 - Good Game.   Tips: To see card images, just pass mouse over the card name and wait Lackey CCG download it or if you want to download all images at once you need to go to: "Preferences" > "Miscellaneous" and tick the option "Allow pre-downloading images for offline use?" and click on "Download all missing card images" on Plugin:Rage tab. The entire card images package has between 150mb to 190mb depending on with version of plugin you have (high or low). If you are using the /low/ version, you can download the following .rar files (some images will be out of date but will be replaced as necessary). Extract them into the ~/LackeyCCG/plugins/Rage/sets/setimages folder.   Preferences Note: when you have changed an option, remember to click "Save Preferences". This will take you to the Game tab. Player Profile: Put your choice of name here. Duplicates are allowed. If you want to use your own avatar, I suggest putting it in the LackeyCCG > images > avatars folder on your computer, and using Browse here to find it. Appearance: Tick "Show card counters as numbers". Most of the time, "Lock window resizing bars" should be ticked. Gameplay: There are a limited number of options you can assign to F keys, and it's probably not worth changing the defaults. However, if you have any suggestions on additional options for moving cards about I can try to add them (there isn't that much flexibility). Chat: I have included a defaultchat file for Rage. You can change these quick-chat options (you can click on them in the Game tab). There is no way to /draw4combat (for example) at present. Deck Editor You have three parts of each deck to fill, Sept, Combat and Characters. The big warning is this: add all starting cards to the Characters section. This includes the crinos forms of your characters. There are no double-sided cards in Lackey, so you'll have to swap them around when a character flips over. To add a card to the deck, double click it, or select and use the +1 button at the bottom. You can remove cards from the deck the same way. It can take a while to get use to the slight lag. Make use of the Filters on the left hand side. Note that, like on CCG Workshop, most of the obscure keywords are not searchable (although most of these are searchable in the text search). Also as before, the keyword box includes both requirements and actual keywords. Finally, searching for 'other' in keyword will bring up those often elusive cards which don't have keywords or requirements. Tick 'text' above the filter to overwrite the card details on top of the card image. Useful for checking Errata (or those cards with a lot of text). This option is also available on the Game tab. Make sure you type a name for your deck and save it. Open older decks by using the drop-down "recent decks" menu, or click Browse to find one you haven't used recently. For tournaments we are now using a 10 card sideboard. By default, the sideboard is NOT used. Testing a deck Solitaire mode: While the Game tab says "Game: solitare", you are just playing by yourself. You can load a deck to Bot too, and double click on its icon to play as Bot. The menus can be slightly counter-intuitive: don't click until the final option you want is highlighted, or it will close the menu - for submenus, hover the mouse until the submenu opens. Right-click on your player area on the left > Load recent deck > [deckname]. Decks you haven't opened recently you will need to open with Browse in the Deck Editor first. Click on Characters on the right or along the bottom. You can then drag your starting pack into play. Use DrawSept and DrawCombat (F1 and F2) to fill your sept and combat hands. There is no automatic way to fill to hand size. Note: "Hand", "Deck" and "Discard" refer to sept piles/hands. There are two hand/deck viewing places (right and bottom). I would suggest using the bottom one for combat cards and the right for sept cards and deck manipulation. You can right-click on piles for more options. Right-click on cards for options (including flip). You can also drag them into piles (right or bottom). These options including manually setting stats, and for marking creatures as in the Umbra (a purple 1, top left). Ctrl+click to turn a card face down. Drag+ctrl to flip the card as you play it. Note that card backs are all combat backs since we are only allowed one back. You can zoom the play area in and out using a mouse scroll wheel. Use the middle button to mark the play area (click, or click and drag); Escape clears all markings. Similar options exist for Macs. Use the buttons on the left to change phase or turn. Ctrl+ left/right changes the turn. Ctrl+ Up/down progresses the phase. Main Menu > New Game clears everything. The game saves automatically at the beginning of every turn (load using Autosave 1).   If program ask for a update you just need to run lackey updater (LackeyCCG Updater.exe) inside Lackey CCG folder. This only updates the program, vtes game updates automatically every time a new version comes, but you can manually update it doing step 4 from instalation tutorial above if you like.   If you or someone drop from game or if program crash you can back to game and request to previous turn player load a autosave by pressing "Revert to Autosave1" in "Main Menu". To talk with other players using voice, you can use Skype program interface built in on Lackey CCG. Download Skype from URL bellow and configure your account in "Preferences" > "Player Profile". To create a group chat in Skype just press blue phone icon in your avatar on left side of game tab (only works if another players also have setup theirs accounts on lackeyccg). The Windows version of Lackey CCG has only english as a native keyboard layout (the Mac version works without problems), because of that, some characters typed into the chat/log with other keyboard languages does not always come out right (letters exchanged or missing). If you have questions, suggestions or complaints about the Lackey CCG program (about the program, not on the plugin Lackey CCG VTES) just go to the official forum by clicking the link below: