Red Talons Wolfpack

by CardGameGeek | Last updated Jun 29, 2018

This deck is the championship Red Talons deck. With it, I won the Rage tourney at GenCon 2000 and 2001. Following that, I retired the deck. This was both my favorite deck and my strongest - I think I perfected it as a labor of love. This one's a wolfpack, heavily supported by gifts. Pack Attack big enemies, and use gifts to their best effect. Check it out! When attacking enemies, use pack attacks such as Hunting party and Attacking the Wyrm. Defend likewise with Pack Defense. All the combat cards are low-rage, high-damage, and it is uncommon for this pack to enter Crinos at all. It certainly is not necessary, since with Amari, even Frenar can Bite for 3 points of damage. Use gifts such as True Fear or Scream of Gaia to prevent the target(s) from playing combat cards. Attack with as many as possible, using Wolf-Spirits to augment your numbers. Use Gaia's Vengeance as a last resort, as it is easily canceled; use it as a last strike if you need to. Old Storm Chaser can easily kill a Nexus Crawler with a Bite and Gaia's Vengeance, but it is much easier to kill it with a Surprise attack, 2 Bites, and a couple of Lucky Blows. Avoid attacking things that can frenzy; attacking other Garou is a bad idea. Frenzy yourself only to get enough cards in your hand to kill a foe. Battle Fervor works much better in a pack deck, and it has the added benefit of giving two attacks. The biggest weakness of this deck is facing a Wyrm character who goes into a Gang-Beating Frenzy. When facing such a frenzied opponent, drop them into a snowbank with Trackless Waste, or use Catfeet to avoid almost anything he throws at you. Author: Ed Swing

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