[b]Rage[/b] was originally published by White Wolf Game Studio in 1995. It had five sets, Limited/Unlimited (sometimes called Basic, or the base set), Umbra, Wyrm, War of the Amazon, and Legacy of the Tribes. The first three sets can still be found on eBay for reasonable prices.

Rage was released during the original CCG glut as every game company tried to make something to rival Magic: The Gathering. The newly created CCG market was flooded with over a hundred different games in a year. The market simply could not absorb that many games at once. Most companies printed too many cards for their games so that “limited editions” were still readily available at discount prices a year or more later.

Rage suffered from overprinting of its first three sets, Limited/Unlimited, Umbra, and Wyrm. White Wolf then overcompensated in the other direction and printed War of the Amazon exactly to preorders with little to no overrun. As most stores were now accustomed to Rage being readily available with no need to preorder, this created a massive shortfall. Amazon boxes quickly rocketed from the original street value of $42 to $100 and up.

Legacy of the Tribes finally hit a happy medium between not printing too much or too little, but by then the CCG market was in a downward spiral with dozens of games folding. A combination of overprinting, market downturn, and internal restructuring at White Wolf led to them dissolving their entire card division. Rage and Arcadia: The Wyld Hunt (based on Changeling: The Dreaming) were discontinued with the elimination of the card division.

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In this modern day and age, you can actually play instantly (and completely free) online against other opponents without ever having to purchase any cards. There are several programs available for this, the most popular of which is Lackey CCG.

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