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Based on the popular MapleStory MMORPG, MapleStory iTCG came from the creative minds at Wizards of the Coast and hit store shelves in 2007. With a unique element of each pack providing you a code that could be redeemed on the MMO for exclusive content, the game leveraged that connection to drive sales while providing a simple, yet fun and engaging, set of core mechanics for fast paced games.

The game proved popular enough to warrant four sets - OMG Bosses!, P3TS, NPC Heroes, and Behold Zakum! - over the following few years. All together, the five sets of the game provide players with a myriad of choices in their quest to outdo their opponent.

Eventually, the popularity of the game waned and production was ended - although the MMO upon which it was based continues to this day and has received a sequel.


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Like many now-dead card games, MapleStory iTCG has limited options when it comes to playing the game online. Fortunately, a wonderful plugin exists for LackeyCCG, providing a base to build decks from so players can continue to enjoy this wonderful game. The LackeyCCG plugin is available here

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