WoodManEXE: Forest BeatDown

by SoulXCross | Last updated Jun 24, 2019

This. Deck. Is. A. Monster. Seriously, WoodMan is easily one of the best decks in this game. His resources are amazing, and his exclusive battle chip makes him even more ridiculous. Additionally, between all of the draw and discard pile retrieval, it's only a matter of time before you get "Sal: Black Rose" and "Branched Out" into play. Those two cards, alongside "BambooLance" and "Spikey"/"Not Enough Power" spell game. This deck wouldn't be all that good if it was just that one combo that hit hard. However, the resource "Backed Up" along side "Sal: Black Rose" means that every turn you will be dropping damage via "CircleGun" or "BambooLance" for virtually no cost at all. Then, as if those two things weren't enough, factor in his disgustingly powerful 3/3/0 stats. While WoodMan is busy smacking your opponent around for free, they *need* to expend resources just to do damage to you in return. This deck is also one of the many reasons that we formally banned "Your Apologies" as well, as along with that card, this deck was essentially unbeatable. Oh yea, he does have a downside, i guess. He has 0 blast. But does that matter when you run through people like a tank without it?

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