SkullMan.EXE: CrossBone Phantom

by SoulXCross | Last updated Sep 11, 2019

SkullMan's deck is all about controlling the destiny numbers in your power gauge. To help us do this, we have cards like "Charge Forward" and "It's An Emergency". Also, "Miyu: Misteriyu" rewards us for playing cards with SkullMan's emblem, by putting resources from your discard pile into your power gauge. The aim is to have all of the destiny numbers in our power gauge add up to 16+ total. Once that's done, we can use "Eerie Blast" to put our opp's hands into their power gauge, and punish them for it with a powerful "VooDoo Doll." Since this deck is primarily yellow, we also have access to "BoysBomb3," "EnergyBomb," and "Intense Power" to help keep us ahead of the opp. SkullMan is a unique deck with a somewhat high learning curve. Although, once mastered, this deck can be incredibly spiteful. Don't be afraid to use his ability as well, as it essentially makes your blast a 1.

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