Bass.EXE: Ultimate Destruction

by SoulXCross | Last updated Jun 24, 2019

Bass is the Ultimate Net Navi. Armed with the "Get Ability" program, he strengthens himself by absorbing and downloading information from available resources around him, aiding in his strength to beat down almost anyone. 3/1/2 stats are incredible offensively, but do expect to get hit hard in return. However, thanks to the nature of yellow cards, there are numerous amounts of counter play strategies available to you. Bass' destructive power lends itself well to the pure Yellow build, as he can easily abuse his 2 yellow resources, "At Fault" and "Interconnected" as he pleases. For the most part, all you want is at least 3 yellow resources in play. Once you do that, every card in this deck is online. Power is easy to come by thanks to "ElecTeam" and "Always a Competition". Furthermore, the Events help control your opp's resources by either sending them from their deck to their discard pile, or by outright destroying them on the field. Thanks to "Always a Competition" and the abundant mount of "free to play" resources (basically resources that don't require energy to be put into play), you can easily start the game with 5 power, turn 1. Or, late game, if you go for a big "interconnected" play, then you can easily replenish all of the power you blasted away. "Reckless" and "Smack Down" are essentially the same card, but by playing a 2/2 split, it allows you to have more resources of different names in play at all times. This will allow you to abuse both "BoysBomb" battle chips to their full potential. Lightning is another fantastic battle chip, as it basically nukes all of your opp's power with a single blast.

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