Roll.EXE: Hot Nurse

by SoulXCross | Last updated Aug 13, 2019

Roll is an incredibly solid navi (defense pun intended). Unfortunately, this is not because of her native Roll Related cards (aside from bubbler). Roll's ability allows her to stack her own defense to crazy levels, making her an insane tank. Despite having that measly 1 strength, "FieryNetNavi" along side "Shrimpy" viruses makes the defensive strategy the equivalent of a sawed off shotgun. to make sure this combo goes off unhindered, we splash some seriously great disruptive blue events, namely "Modest Defense" and "Like Father, Like Sun," so we can stop pesky disruptive abilities from our opponent. These cards are only usable however after playing "Shrimpy," so you'll want to turbo that out as soon as possible. Don't sleep on this femme fatale, cuz doing so will be a prompt visit to the hospital.

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