Roll.EXE: Hot Nurse

by SoulXCross | Last updated Feb 03, 2020

Don't sleep on this femme fatale, cuz doing so will lead to a swift defeat. Roll is an incredibly solid navi (defense pun intended). Unfortunately, this is not because of her native Roll Related cards (aside from "Bubbler" and "DataScan," we want those). Roll's ability allows her to stack her own defense to crazy levels, making her an insane tank. Despite having that measly 1 strength, "FieryNetNavi", alongside a couple of "Shrimpy" viruses, makes the defensive strategy the equivalent of a sawed off shotgun. In Fact, you could just turbo out 3 copies of shrimpy and do the same combo (just make sure you have at least 5 power so you can revolve all 3 and blast). To make sure this combo goes off unhindered, we splash in two seriously great disruptive blue event cards; namely "Like Father, Like Son" and "Flush Out The Opponent". With these cards, we can stop pesky disruptive resources and events our opponent might have in store for us (specifically versus other blue and yellow decks). Now, about "Data Scan"...This card functions as 4 extra copies of "Focus". Simply put it in play, and place it into the power zone. Consider this card as a "free-to-play" version of "Fish Intervention", accept that it can also place other resources into the power gauge as well. If you draw this card with "Focus", don't bother using Focus' ability. Instead, put both cards into your power gauge with the "Data Scan" to place both into your power gauge. This can also be done as soon as turn 1 with any other "free-to-play" resources you don't need to use right away, like "Envious Evil".

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