Advantage Deck

by Middle Earth: The Wizards Player Guide | Last updated Jan 16, 2020

This is an advantage deck designed according to guidelines presented in Chapter 5. The impetus for this deck is actually the same as for the Radagast Speed deck presented on page 39. Its genesis compared to the Radagast Speed deck results in fewer cards that complement an encompassing strategic theme and more cards that increase the deck's versatility. This advantage deck employs several cards from the 'Middle-earth: The Dragons' expansion set because so many cards from this set work nicely with the goals of the advantage theory. Consider 'Smaug at Home' as a permanent event - each moving company draws one less card to a minimum of one. Already, you draw many more cards than your opponent. 'Smaug at Home' on average decreases the cards drawn by both players, but it increases the 'proportion' of cards you draw to your opponent. Since the advantage strategy is all about your deck outperforming your opponent's deck - not your deck performing well in isolation - achieving this relative higher performance in card advantage with 'Smaug at Home' is perfect! A card from METW that works with advantage theory well is 'Crebain'. Attacking with this Animal usually results in a marshalling point for your opponent, but advantage theory is not concerned with incidental marshalling points. The fact is that 'Crebain' has a good chance of tapping weaker scouts and sages (which is good for all advantages), and it lets you look at cards in your opponents hand, which is a direct goal of card advantage. If your opponent gets a free marshalling point, you get advantage - and this is your primary goal. - Middle Earth: The Wizards Player Guide (p. 42)

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