The One Ring/Nazgûl Deck - For a Two-Deck Game

by Middle Earth: The Wizards Player Guide | Last updated Jan 15, 2020

This deck centers around two high-profile strategies that complement each other. A major threat when trying to destroy 'The One Ring' are Nazgûl. By playing your own Nazgûl as permanent-events, all of them, you can prevent your opponent from playing his on your last-turn journey to Mount Doom. Of course, you are vulnerable to your own 'The Nazgûl Are Abroad' if your opponent is playing Nazgûl - but this deck does not care what creatures attack it as it plans to cancel all attacks anyhow. If worse comes to worse, have Beretar step up to take a strike. Note that the hazard limit is only two for your starting company. The drama of playing this deck is great. The first two thirds of the game set the stage for the final third when everything goes down. In fact, this deck will only work properly if you enact the little things along the way. Drop your first Nazgûl as an event and use it to bring 'Mouth of Sauron', 'Ûvatha', 'Khamûl', 'Adûnaphel', and a 'Morgul-horse' into your discard pile. Do not attach with your first Nazgûl, no matter how tempting it seems. Then enact the Nazgûl machine (see p. 20) once 'The Nazgûl Are Abroad' and 'Doors of Night' are in play. You must protect your 'Doors of Night' at all cost. 'Twilight' is one of the main cards you will use the Nazgûl machine to retrieve. Resource-wise, you must save the 'Healing Herbs' and play them as minor items with the 'Far-sights', 'Gollum', 'Precious Gold Rings', or 'Scroll of Isildur'. Use your 'Healing Herbs' to untap your Wizard so that he may tap twice per organization phase to bring 'The One Ring', 'Cracks of Doom', 'Gollum's Fate', etc. from your sideboard directly into your play deck. Do this only when you have two 'Precious Gold Rings' and the 'Scroll of Isildur' in play - your play deck should be thinned out by then. Otherwise, the resources mix contains a lot of avoidance. Bilbo is your primary Ringbearer; Frodo is the 'Stealth'/'Concealment'/'Star-glass' tapper. 'Tookish Blood' gives you great defensive versatility (ironically it is not a resource!). First of all, you can send your opponent's Bilbo to his hand in order to play your Bilbo (which bounced when starting companies were revealed). 'Tookish Blood' cancels an attempt by your opponent to influence Bilbo away. It gives a virtual +2 to a Hobbit's corruption check, and thereby, allows you to actually fail a 'Cracks of Doom' corruption check, retain 'The One Ring' and its bearer, and try a second 'Cracks of Doom'. - Middle Earth: The Wizards Player Guide (p. 41)

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