Orcs and Elves Deck

by Middle Earth: The Wizards Player Guide | Last updated Jan 15, 2020

Orcs and Elves Deck is rife with deck manipulation. Foremost is its ability to recycle resources through Elrond's ring 'Vilya'. 'Vilya' also allows the deck to access mass resources from the sideboard - tap your Wizard to bring up to five sideboard resources into your discard pile, then use 'Vilya' to bring these cards into your play deck. Your only faction, 'Iron Hill Dwarves', must be brought into play this way. Use 'Elf-song' and the large number of other characters to help Elrond with his corruption check. Always 'Vilya' a 'Vilya' back into your play deck to keep it coming out. Then there are the Palantíri. The 'Palantír of Orthanc' allows you to bring any card from your discard pile to your play deck. You probably want to manipulate mostly hazards and discarded characters this way since 'Vilya' covers your resources. The 'Palantír of Osgiliath' can duplicate 'Orthanc's' ability when needed, but its main use will be to discard corruption cards. Nazgûl, etc. to protect your companies. The 'Palantír of Amon Sûl' is probably best aligned and stored in Lórien for 7 marshalling points as soon as possible. Another strategy is using efficient direct influence to bring in multiple powerful characters. You want to start the game with Celeborn under Elrond (with an 'Elf-stone') and Gildor under general - leaving you six free general to protect yourself with or to bring in Legolas, Gimli, Elladan, or Elrohir. With a four character company you can drop your 'Fellowships'. Recognize that these characters are strong - with 'Risky Blows', 'Vilya', 'Fellowships' and 'The Old Thrushes', they will wade through most creature attacks. Do not wait too long for optimal situations to "'Fellowship'-up" - the beauty of 'Vilya' is that you will see a card again and again after it is discarded. Orcs are the hazard theme. The key to Orcs is not to be shy with them. You will give your opponent a few marshalling points, but you will also force him to roll lots of dice by doing so (hopefully). Several hazards attempt to force your opponent to discard items - these slow down his marshalling point acquisition if he gets a little item happy early on. - Middle Earth: The Wizards Player Guide (p. 40)

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