Radagast Speed Deck

by Middle Earth: The Wizards Player Guide | Last updated Jan 15, 2020

This is a Radagast speed deck based around Rivendell. The resource strategy is quick avoidance, and the hazard strategy is mainly corruption. Both strategies are aimed at cycling cards quickly. Hazard creatures include some Undead, to complement the corruption, and creatures that allow you to select defending characters. The general idea is to cycle through the deck as quickly as possible. This is mainly done by getting out Radagast and staying in the same area around Rivendell. This area has a high density of Wilderness, which, when used with Radagast's special ability, allows you to draw cards quickly. Most of the cards in the deck have a high frequency of play to help you cycle them with an optimal effect on play. Very few cards in this deck should be held for very long. Always keep a 'Twilight' handy to stop environments that get rid of Wilderness. It is often wise to hold the 'Blue Mountain Dwarves' until you have the 'Book of Mazarbul' to store in the Blue Mountain Dwarf-hold. 'Corpse-candles' should be held until they have a reasonable chance of forcing a failed corruption check. The other creatures should be used firstly on characters who interfere with your corruption, secondly on rangers, and thirdly on the opposing Wizard. When the deck has cycled once, you should be in a position to call the Free Council. In preparation for that time, tap Radagast during a previous organization phase to bring in the first 5 cards listed in the sideboard ('Adûnaphel', 2 x 'Call to Home', 2 x 'New Moon' - ed.) to your discard pile. When your deck is exhausted, exchange for the next 5 cards (2 x 'River', 3 x 'Lost in Free-domains' - ed.). These are roadblock hazards to keep your opponent from catching up on his final turn. Sideboard in 'Call of Homes' sooner if 'Fellowships' are ruining your corruption. - Middle Earth: The Wizards Player Guide (p. 39)

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