Roadblock Deck with Commons

by Middle Earth: The Wizards Player Guide | Last updated Jan 15, 2020

This is a roadblock deck built solely from common and starter fixed set cards (except for the uncommon ally 'Gollum' and the two uncommon 'Praises to Elbereth' in the sideboard). The deck is designed to hold its own against anyone, but it serves as a basis into which you can substitute useful uncommons and rares as you acquire them. The hazard strategy is based around keeping your opponent from moving, and the resource strategy is based around avoiding the regions affected by your hazard strategy, efficiently gaining marshalling points within this context. Most of the resources in this deck are straight forward. One thing to keep in mind is that the only item site in the deck that does not conflict with the hazard strategy is Isengard. Try to gather some 'Thorough Searches' before playing items to get the maximum usage out of each item site. Another option is to leave a small party at an item site and play 'Thorough Searches' and items as you draw them. Two of the factions, 'Ents of Fangorn' and 'Rangers of Ithilien', will need careful timing to get. Their sites, Wellinghall and Henneth Annûn, have double Wilderness in their site path, so you cannot go for them if your 'Doors of Night'/'Long Winter' is in play. The hazard creatures in this deck are designed around getting rid of rangers. Nothing hurts a roadblock strategy more than a ranger. When playing the 'Slayers' and 'Cave-drakes', be sure to pick any rangers as the defenders. 'Neeker-breekers' should be used before you play a 'River' to try and tap the rangers. Also try to use the hazard creatures to kill any allies if possible. - Middle Earth: The Wizards Player Guide (p. 38)

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