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Based on the role-playing game of the same name, [b]Kult[/b] hit store shelves in November of 1995. Created by Target Games and Heartbreaker Hobbies, the card game was, like it’s role-playing antecedent, plagued by controversy – this time primarily circulating around its graphic art direction. Despite that, the game was considered excellent by a number of reviewers at the time, with Allen Varney, an author for The Duelist, stating that the game was “easy to learn” and that it “plays great from the start.”

The game was, unfortunately, doomed to a very short life cycle. Aside from the original base set, only a single additional expansion was ever released for the game; in July of 1997, Inferno added 127 new cards to the game – including a new affiliation meant to represent the interests of humans in the game.

Although the game has been dead for nearly two decades, players interested in the themes can still find comfort in the fact that, to this day, the Kult RPG continues to receive new releases with a new edition, Kult: Divinity Lost, released in 2018.

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Unlike more popular card games, the options for playing Kult online are more limited. However, an excellent mod for Tabletop Simulator contains the base set and allows you to play against other opponents who also have Tabletop Simulator at no additional cost.

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