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Blasting its way into retailers in 1995, Doomtrooper from Target Games and Heartbreaker Hobbies. Originally based on concepts from Target's Mutant Chronicles franchise, Doomtrooper sees players participating in head-to-head combat to come out on top by gathering Promotion Points.

By the end of its life cycle, Doom Trooper had seen it's Basic Set printed three times and had received a total of six expansions - Inquisition, Warzone, Mortificator, Golgotha, Apocalypse, and Paradise Lost - bringing the total unique cards for players to choose from for their decks to over 1100. Eventually, however, like many now-dead card games, it's popularity waned and - sadly - Target Games eventually went bankrupt.

But never fear - Doomtrooper is back from the grave with all the same kick. Starting in 2019, a digital version of the game from Secret Cow Level and Cabinet Entertainment has fought its way back on to the scene!


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Until recently, the options for playing Doomtrooper online have been limited. Like many older, out-of-print card games, Doomtrooper has a module on Tabletop Simulator providing cards for you to play with. Additionally, a full functional module is available on Lackey for those more familiar with that software.

Unlike most dead card games, though, Doomtrooper has come back to life through an amazingly adapted digital card game from Secret Cow Level and Cabinet Entertainment. Although currently in beta, the game is already looking amazing and looks to be a wonderful adaptation of the game

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