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Full of pirates, adventuring and swashbuckling, 7th Sea gave players their first taste of sea combat in the card gaming industry. Like the successful Legend of the Five Rings CCG, it had its own storyline, as factions battle each other for control of the seas.

The goal for each player is to kill the opposing Captain. This is usually accomplished through cannon attacks or by boarding an opponent's ship and killing the crew in one-on-one duels. Every starter deck contains five sea location cards, and players use these five cards as their "game board," sailing their ships back and forth on them in an attemppt to claim victory. Players could complete adventures in far-off seas to make their crew and ship more powerful before they launched the attack on their opponent.

A powerful strategy that emerged out of the first set included lots of cannon — and we do mean lots! Decks focused on giving a single crew of a ship as much cannon as possible, hoping to kill off an opponent in a single shot. There were cards to stop this kind of strategy, but they were rare and are still difficult to get today.

With a powerful backing from the Legends of the Five Rings player base, 7th Sea managed to stay afloat for several years. While several powerful strategies were found in the first set that caused some players to abandon ship, many stuck around to see the game become more balanced over later expansion sets. Alderac finally brought the CCG line to an end in 2002, but not before releasing Iron Shadow, one of the largest expansion sets for a CCG ever, to send the game out with a bang.

- Joe Alread (Scrye Checklist and Price Guide 2nd Edition)


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7th Sea can be played online via OCTGN. You can find the original 7th Sea plugin by Konstantine Thoukydides on Github here, and a more recently updated version by Stephen Skilton, also on Github here.

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