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Middle Earth CCG

  • 1995 – I.C.E.
  • 8 Sets – 28 Virtual Sets
  • 8068 Cards

Rage The Apocalypse

  • 1995 – WhiteWolf
  • 7 Sets – 17 Virtual Sets
  • 1846 Cards

Star Trek CCG 1E/2E

  • 1994 – Decipher
  • 45 Sets – 67 Virtual Sets
  • 7547 Cards

Star Wars CCG

  • 1994 – Decipher
  • 32 Sets – 10 Virtual Sets
  • 4132 Cards

Vampire The Eternal Struggle

  • 1994 – Wizards of the Coast
  • 28 Sets – 3 Virtual Sets
  • 7203 Cards

CardGameGeek Statistics

  • Total Games : 5

  • Official Sets: 120

  • Virtual Sets: 125

  • Total Cards: 30.496

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Card Game Geek just started and wants to be a complete reference for all the CCG / TCG players out there. At this moment we offer : News, Resources, Collection Management, Deck building features for a variety of games but a lot more is going to be added in time :  a complete Trading Feature, E-Commerce (eBay like), a visual Dream Card builder and much much more… You can stay always updated on our Roadmap Board.

Also new Games will be added periodically, to make the most extensive and complete existing database on CCG / TCG ever made. Check the Status Here.

Card Game Geek is the product of all the effort I, Fabio, did over several years now. I personally bootstrapped this project up until now, managed and moderated the games database and pretty much anything that wasn’t programming. I hope all the Card Games lover out there will appreciate the work done so far as much as I do. If you want to support Card Game Geek, please consider one or more of the following options: